#92 Inspiration for Genuine Prosperity from The Wealthy Gardener

In this episode I speak with John Soforic, author of one of my all-time favourite books: The Wealthy Gardener

I had a particularly hard week this week and had to dig really deep. In all the challenges coming our way, there are silver linings if we choose to look for them …so that’s what I did.

Last year, when I was going through some challenging times, I came across a book that I loved & is now one of my all-time favourite books. And as you may know, I read a lot, so this is a big statement.

You know when you come across a book and it’s just the right timing or just what you need, and that was what The Wealthy Gardener was for me.

The Wealthy Gardener book is a hybrid. It’s half fiction, half non-fiction. Chapters are divided into life lessons, each opening with a beautifully crafted and engaging fictional story followed by real life anecdotes. As a father, author John Soforic wanted to engage his son in many lessons on wealth but didn’t want to preach it to him. A better way to do it, was to create a story – which is what this book is. It started as his legacy for his son.

Like reading a biography for pleasure and insight – I found learning through John’s story to be truly enjoyable and profound.

This book is much more than about creating wealth. And more importantly to me, it contains so many important lessons in life that are applicable to creating our Dream Life. It’s about using our days wisely and acting on what is important to us.

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We hope this episode helps open up a new and valuable perspective for you and inspires & empowers you in valuable ways.


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