#82: Leah Simmons: Focusing on the 4 Pillars of Health – Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks with the wonderful Leah Simmons, founder of the KAAIAA training program – a transformational practice that trains the 4 Pillars of Health – Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. A certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer and kundalini yoga teacher, Leah has a passion for all things health and fitness and has dedicated over 14 years to helping people transform their bodies (including her own).

But she soon realised that just training the body wasn’t enough to make her truly happy. Leah found that the more she focused on the physical in her life, the more disconnected she was becoming from herself and who she really was. Which sparked her to really think about what it means to be healthy and truly ‘fit’.

After a long journey of self-discovery, she created the unique KAAIAA practice where students are guided on a journey that moves beyond mental obstacles, breaks down emotional barriers and pushes through physical limits. The practice combines a Breath Work, Body Work, Meditation and Integration and encourages people to go beyond the surface, past the noise of the mind and find the transformational release within.

This holistic view of health and what it means to be fit is such a breath of fresh air and Leah’s journey is such an interesting one. Keep listening to hear Leah’s story and also discover:

  • The importance of focusing on our fitness as a holistic method rather than just physical fitness alone
  • The significance of taking the time to connect with yourself, your emotions, others and the world around you
  • The importance of getting out of our own way to embark on something new
  • The importance of being present and not being too hard on yourself.
  • A true reminder to slow everything down and be in the moment.
  • Tips for embracing the morning, and giving yourself some extra time at the start of your day
  • Ideas on how to begin a regular exercise routine that will work for you
  • The importance of consistency in whatever health practice you’re starting
  • The incredible power of mindset and that if you tell yourself you can do something, and believe you can do something, then you can do it!
  • The power of tapping into your intuition and so much more!
For a free 7-day trial of KAAIAA ON-DEMAND online classes, visit www.kaaiaa.com now and enjoy!

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“We are made up of so much more than just a physical body, so it really does make sense to be focusing on our health and fitness in a more holistic way.”

“Leah and I are very similar in the way we truly believe are in the driver’s seat of our own lives. And that if we give ourselves the chance and the time to tap into what we really want and listen to what we need, then we can truly make positive changes.”


Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is of a general nature and is designed for informational purposes only. The content does not constitute medical or nutritional advice. If you have any concerns about your own health, you should always consult with a healthcare professional and seek your own medical advice before making any decisions related to your nutrition and health.


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