#80: Kath Koschel: Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Gratitude & The Incredible Power of Kindness – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to the incredible Kath Kochel – founder of the Kindness Factory, former professional cricketer and Iron man competitor, and a truly inspiring woman.

The challenges Kath has faced in life are beyond what most people could ever imagine, and yet despite her unbelievable setbacks and struggles, her resilience has allowed her not only to overcome these challenges, but also see the good in the world when most others couldn’t.

Kath has defied all medical prognoses by teaching herself to walk on three separate occasions. And despite facing other serious personal, mental and physical setbacks, after all if it, she founded the not-for-profit Kindness Factory in 2015, with a goal of encouraging and inspiring 1 million acts of kindness – Inspiring the world to be kind and share their kindness.

To date, she has raised close to half-a-million dollars for various charity organisations and was the recipient of the 2016 Pride of Australia Medal for showing courage in the face of extreme adversity.

In January 2017, Kath was awarded the Young Australian Medal and the people’s choice of Australia award.

In this super inspiring episode, you will hear all about Kath’s remarkable journey, the challenges she’s overcome, the huge positive change she’s spreading around the world, as well as:

  • How Kath chased her childhood dream of playing Cricket for Australia
  • Her strength, determination and resilience
  • The sheer power of gratitude and expressing it
  • The benefits of really taking the time to recognise the people who’ve been there for you in your life
  • The amazing power and simplicity of kindness
  • The importance of paying forward the kindness you’ve been shown in life
  • That we should never underestimate what we are struggling with – we are all unique and things will affect us differently
  • The importance of understanding your values and identifying the things you simply can’t live without
  • The power of being authentically you, and so much more!

“I have met many people in my life who have been through challenges and overcome struggles in their life, but Kath’s story of grit, resilience and embracing kindness and gratitude to get her through her toughest moments is one of the most incredible I have ever heard.” Kristina Karlsson

“There is no doubt that every little bit of kindness counts, no matter how small! And I hope this episode has inspired you to embrace more kindness in your life, every single day. Remember, you really can change your life, or someone else’s with the smallest kind gesture.” Kristina Karlsson

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