#78: Big Dreamers Share Their Experiences: Be Inspired By Lisa, Sally, Nadia & Kate – Your Dream Life Podcast

Welcome to an episode with a twist! It’s time to hear from not just one inspiring guest, but four! Kristina frequently gets asked about her Your Dream Life Starts Here digital course, and why it can be life changing. But of course, her opinion is a little biased. So, to help anyone who may be thinking of joining the course – or is keen to learn what it’s all about, Nadia, Sally, Kate and Lisa – who have not only completed the course, but have implemented the tools in their own life – share their experiences and big dreams with us all!

“The content in the course includes all the tools that I used when I created my own Dream life, and it all came about because I wanted to share what worked for me with the world. They are the tools I still use every day!” Kristina Karlsson

“If you are ready to create your Dream Life, whatever that means to you, keep listening to these super inspiring women – I know you’re going to love hearing from them, and it may even inspire you to join a wonderful group of Dreamers.” Kristina Karlsson

If, after listening to this inspiring episode you’re inspired to start dreaming big and making your dreams happen, the virtual doors are now open to Kristina’s Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital course. You can sign up here: https://www.yourdreamlifestartshere.com/

This course will give you exactly what you need to harness the life changing power of dreaming, to grow and transform your life in small and simple steps. To uncover what you truly value, your passions and your purpose as the foundations for discovering what your dream life can look like and the simple steps to make your dreams a reality.

And if you are unsure, you will also find a FREE Dare to Dream workshop running that may also inspire you. It’s a great place to start if:

  • You are a bit lost and haven’t taken the time to really think about what you want to do in your life
  • You have spent years studying and working in one field and feel you are on the wrong path but not sure what to do
  • You are in a family, friendship group or community where you feel alone dreaming about a better life
  • You have financial commitments with family, rent or mortgage and you feel you can’t change because of that
  • You don’t think you are able to make it happen
  • You think your Dreams are too big
  • You’re worried about what other people might say
  • Or you don’t feel you have the support you need to change and live your dream life

“I really loved speaking with these amazing women, and I really wanted to share their experiences with you all, so I hope they have inspired you to make the most of life and create your own dream life – whatever that means for you!” Kristina Karlsson

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