#76: Kate Morell: Vulnerability, Dreaming Big & Changing the World, One Sunset at a Time – Your Dream Life Podcast

Kristina initially met this week’s guest – Kate Morell – a few years ago through a competition we ran at kikki.K, where we asked people to share their childhood dreams with us. Kate’s childhood dream was to be someone other children could look up to and to inspire other children with disabilities just like her to live their life to the fullest.

Inspired by this, Kristina offered Kate a mentorship and they have been friends ever since, helping each other dream and chase dreams as well as inspire others.

Hearing impaired since the age of two, Kate learned she was also going to be vision impaired as well from the age of 15. She had been diagnosed with Usher Syndrome and was told she would gradually lose her sight and be totally blind by the time she was 40. Kate has now passed 40, can still see and is a total inspiration to us all!

She also refers to her diagnosis as a kind of blessing, reminding her she needed to embrace life to its fullest. Which is just amazing.

After realising one of the things she would miss the most if she lost her sight would be sunsets, she sent an open invitation to the world to share as many sunsets with her as they can, and the hashtag #SunsetsforKate was born.

Kate’s strength and the way she now lives every moment to the fullest is just so inspiring, and we hope you will also find inspiration in this episode, where you will hear her incredible story as well as discover:

  • The power of vulnerability and sharing ours with the world
  • A reminder to ask yourself, “how would my younger self feel about how I’m living my life now?”
  • The power of dreaming big and recording your dreams down where you can see them all the time
  • How our dreams can inspire others and help them see the world in different ways
  • That the more you practise dreaming, the easier it becomes.
  • The power of owning your story, no matter what that is.
  • The importance of remembering life is actually very short and to make sure you’re spending time doing what you love
  • That we all need to look within ourselves and embrace every part of our lives, even the not so great, and so much more!

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‘Wow! I just love Kate’s strength, honesty and outlook on life, despite the many challenges that have come her way.’ Kristina Karlsson

‘I really wanted to share her story with you all because I know it will inspire so many people to make the most of their life and create their own dream life whatever that is.’ Kristina Karlsson



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