#74: Bernadette Russell: How to be Kind to Yourself, Others and the World Every Day – Your Dream Life Podcast

Prompted by a wave of negativity in the world around her and wondering what she could do to help, Kristina’s inspiring guest this week, author Bernadette Russell, decided to undertake an incredible pledge to be kind to a stranger every single day for a whole year!

Her incredible experience left her wanting to inspire others to do the same and the result is her wonderful book, The Little Book of Kindness.

We loved this book and its simple yet practical messages so much at kikki.K that we are selling it as part of our beautiful new Grow with Kindness Collection – available in stores and online at kikki-k.com now.

Bernadette is a true champion of kindness, wonder, hope joy and fun!
And her gorgeous The Little Book of Kindness is packed with fun ideas, practical tips and interactive exercises that encourage us all to ‘be kind’ in every area of life – and change the world, one act of kindness at a time.

Keep listening to discover:

  • How the simplest kind gestures can truly have the most positive impact
  • How kindness and self-compassion should be a long-term commitment, not an ‘every now and then’ thing
  • Simple tips on being kinder to yourself
  • Tips on reminding yourself of the wonderful things in your life
  • The power and simple nature of gratitude
  • Tips on celebrating yourself and acknowledging your achievements
  • Ways you can make a special effort with loved ones and not take them for granted
  • Positive changes we can make to help the earth
  • The importance of kindness online and simple tips to help
  • The power kindness at work and tips on how we can all do this, and so much more!

“This episode is one that is really close to my heart as it’s not just about the importance of kindness but also the simple ways we can all spread a little kindness every single day!” Kristina Karlsson

“I am such a huge believer in the power of a simple kind gesture and as you all know, expressing gratitude is such a big part of my life. Whether that be writing a card to someone, surprising them with a gift or simply smiling at a stranger. Every little bit of kindness counts.” Kristina Karlsson

Bernadette’s The Little Book of Kindness is the perfect everyday companion to remind us all to be kinder as we go about our days – kinder to the world, to ourselves and to others. Grab your copy at www.kikki-k.com now.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out our beautiful new Grow with Kindness Collection as well, full of beautiful stationery, accessories and gifts just perfect for helping us all embrace a little more kindness in our days.

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