7 Simple Ways You Can Start Journaling Your Way Today

As many of us continue to adjust to life at home, creating a new normal and routine for ourselves, and managing our way through challenging times throughout the world, it’s important to keep doing things that make us feel good and help us to look after ourselves, and each other (from a distance of course!). And while there are many activities available to us, something the kikki.K team believes can help us through difficult times is simply putting pen to paper and writing down whatever is on your mind! We’ve been inspired of late by all the journaling our kikki.K community is doing too, so we’re sharing some favourites with you.

Journaling is a technique that can truly enhance your everyday and gives us a special moment to press pause from the outside world, and take a moment to look within and focus on ourselves. While it may seem daunting at first, the great thing about journaling is that you have the freedom to embrace your own creativity and make it an experience for you to explore anything your heart desires! Sounds good but still don’t know where to start? Let us help you feel inspired with some of the different ways you can put pen to paper through journaling.

Whether it’s the sudden burst of inspiration that comes from a lightbulb moment, the need for a brain dump and to clear the head or a space to jot down a quick reminder, your journal can be a place to make sure that all of the wonderful and wild thoughts inside of your head can have a second home! Keep your journal by your side as you go through the motions of your day and keep it as a reference point whenever you need! Our friend Desley recommends a Grid Journal.

When we take a moment to step back and appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives, even on the tough days, it works wonders to help lift our moods and give us the best chance to see the good in every day! Incorporate it into your routine and schedule out 10 minutes each day to pause and write down three things you are grateful for that day. We *love* watching this morning routine of Hannah Weir, who’s been using our Grow With Kindness Collection for mindful journalling.

When we write something down it empowers us to keep accountable and truly set our intentions. Each morning grab your favourite journal and start thinking about your day ahead. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? What does your mind and body need? Write it all down and even give yourself a daily affirmation to help keep you inspired throughout the day! This is exactly what Lucy is using our Grow With Kindness Journal for, and doesn’t it look beautiful in her space too?

Whether it be a long term goal or a daily habit that you want to pursue, keep yourself on track by using a journal to see your progress! By writing it all down it gives you a chance to map out your goals, design a schedule and enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes with reflecting after each step of progress made! Some of our favourite things to track in our journals for daily wellbeing are water intake, exercise goals and sleep cycles!

Ever woken up after having the most amazingly interesting dream, only to have completely forgotten it by the time you go to tell your friend an hour later? Keep a journal by your bedside table and take a moment each morning to ease into your day by recording your dream from the night before! Makes for a fun keepsake to look back on in the future!

Sometimes at the end of the day we just need a place to unload and unpack all of pour thoughts, feeling and memories. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just start writing whatever is running through your mind on any given day! Happy thoughts, to-do lists, anxieties and worries – getting these out onto the page can help you feel free and begin to see each day from a new perspective. We are so in love with the beautiful hand-lettering and journaling practices of our friend Letters By Fiona in our Grow With Kindness Collection. What a beautiful daily ritual.

Got a fair few places on that bucket list that you’re keen to tick off? Journaling is a wonderful place to start to keep those holiday dreams alive! Make a list of all the place you want to go, create a vision board, begin planning out all the details and even use it as a space to record memories once you finally get a chance to go – the opportunities are endless! Our new Out Of Office Collection is the perfect place to start.

Ready to put pen to paper and drawing a blank? Whether it’s journaling for pages and pages or simply stopping for a short moment of self-awareness, let these 20 simple journaling prompts below help you to process and record your thoughts and feelings during these ever-changing and challenging times.

1| List all the things that made you smile today…

2| What is something that really frustrated you about today? Why do you think it made you so frustrated?

3| How are you feeling right now?

4| List all the people in your life who make you happy, and why?

5| What has been the most challenging thing about this week?

6| Write down a list of 30 things that make you happy

7| What are three goals you can set yourself to achieve this week?

8| What are three things you’re grateful for right now?

9| What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

10| What would you do with your life if you had all the money and time you needed?

11| What is worrying you the most right now?

12| If you could speak to your teenage self, what advice would you give?

13| What do you want to have achieved by the end of this week?

14| What are five things that you are really looking forward to?

15| What is the best advice you have ever been given?

16| What do you love most about yourself?

17| If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? And why?

18| What are five things you’d like to stop doing in my life?

19| What are five things you’d love to start doing?

20| Find an inspirational quote that resonates with you. Write it down then write about how and why you think it resonated with you.

So, as we work through these new and sometimes difficult times, remember the simple power of putting pen to paper. Schedule in a moment each day or an hour each week, whatever you can fit in, and write it all down. By putting everything in writing you’ll be getting it out of your head and onto the page, so you can create a calmer mindset.

Grab a beautiful notebooknotepad or journal and pen and maybe even light a candle and make a ritual out of it. Write your ideas, feelings, thoughts, discoveries, worries or any concerns that may be weighing you down. And remember, the simple act of sitting down to put pen to paper is an act of self-care in itself. Keep the above in mind as something you can try as you navigate through these uncertain times, and remember to look after yourself.

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