7 Reasons Why We Love Our Planners

It’s no surprise we think there’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. There is power in writing things down and taking handwritten notes, plus the perk of keeping your life organised if you use a planner.

Most of us would agree that keeping track of our important information, appointments and due dates is a good thing to do, though when it comes to how to do that, the choice between digital or paper-based can be confusing, which is why we’ve taken a moment to put together seven benefits of keeping a physical planner!

1 | Unplugged (and Still Good to Go)
A big benefit of planners is that they don’t need electricity. Just take that in for a minute, lovely people. There is still one aspect of your world that you have the freedom to unplug from. You can leave behind the tyranny of internet coverage and the need to lug around ugly electrics for re-charging. Can you taste the freedom?

2 | Screen Time Reduced

Have you ever picked up your phone at night to check your upcoming to-do list or calendar, only to find yourself hours later scrolling through feeds? 

Opening a beautiful leather or leather-free planner to check tomorrow’s line-up not only saves you screen time, but also brings added sleep benefits of reduced blue light before bedtime. Your body will love you for it.

3 | Live Smarter, Not Harder
Are you tired of scrolling up and down and clicking in and out of programs? Many people find it easier to read and locate information in a paper format rather than on a computer screen. Plus, there’s never the risk of losing information because there was an error (or you can’t remember your password!)

4 | Improve Your Memory
Did you know that our memory function is enhanced by using paper-based stationery products and planners? This is the power of putting pen to paper we are always harping on about! Think of it as future proofing your brain function.

5 | Problem Solving
The act of handwriting also encourages us to slow down and think more deeply, and so we can come up with better solutions to problems. Eureka – we’ve found it! Plus, there’s nothing quite like a new pen to really inspire you to capture your thoughts and plans on paper.

6 | Dreaming and Goal Setting
Our unconscious mind loves handwriting and gets the message to start taking action to make what we’ve written down come true. That’s why we’re also big advocates of writing down 101 dreams because anything is achievable if you set out actionable goals on paper or your Vision Board Book to achieve your dreams.

7 | Wellbeing
Things of beauty are known to enhance a sense of wellbeing. So, using a beautiful leather or non-leather planner with a luxurious paper quality, in a colour you love, personalised with your monogrammed initials, while enjoying the hand-feel of a perfectly weighted and proportioned, colour-coordinated pen – could be doing you more good than you think!

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