#68: Hugh van Cuylenburg – Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness with Founder of The Resilience Project – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks with the incredibly inspiring Hugh van Cuylenburg – best-selling author, founder of The Resilience Project and co-host of The Imperfects Podcast. After reading The Resilience Project book, and relating so much to everything Hugh speaks about, Kristina was determined to have him as a guest on her podcast.

In 2008, Hugh was fortunate enough to spend a few months living and volunteering in a small community in the far north of India with no running water, no electricity and no beds; everyone slept on the floor. Despite the fact this community had very little to call their own, Hugh was continually blown away by how happy they were.

It was this experience, and his years of study after, that led him to discover that practising gratitude, empathy (or kindness) and mindfulness can lead us to a happier and more fulfilling life. After learning this, Hugh decided to make it his mission to share these simple and highly effective wellbeing strategies with young people, through a program for schools.

Ten years on, Hugh and The Resilience Project are in high demand, delivering emotionally engaging programs to schools, sports clubs and businesses, teaching practical, evidence-based mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness.

It is such important work Hugh is doing and in this wonderful episode you will hear his inspiring story and also discover:

  • The simple and wonderful power of embracing a regular gratitude practice
  • How empathy and mindfulness are also key ingredients for living a happier life
  • How your purpose is so closely linked to you what brings you joy
  • And,  if your purpose is linked to helping others it can be even more powerful
  • That growth comes out of stepping outside our comfort zones
  • The importance of understanding your passions and values
  • Ideas on how you can manage when those close to you are going through challenging times
  • The importance of having those difficult conversations with the people you care the most about
  • That it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to admit that everything isn’t great all the time.
  • It’s okay to not have all the answers, no matter where you are in life, and so much more!

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“Gratitude, empathy and mindfulness are three things I have always believed strongly in and I completely agree with Hugh that these messages and practices should be taught in schools to give young people – as well as adults – the tools to help them live happier lives.” Kristina Karlsson

“I love the work that Hugh and The Resilience Project are doing and encourage everyone to read his book and discover the simple practices he speaks about. We have provided links in the show notes to the book and also to The Imperfects podcast.” Kristina Karlsson


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