#67: How You Can Dream, Believe, Challenge, Change and Achieve with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

In keeping with the empowering messages of this year’s International Women’s Day, and inspired by seeing so many people sharing their feelings and actions around the #ChoosetoChallenge theme, Kristina has recorded a special episode for you this week focusing on five very powerful words – Dream, Believe, Challenge, Change and Achieve.

Keep listening as Kristina talks through each word, what it means to her and also how you too can use these words as a starting point each day and find your own ways to start or continue to challenge the status quo.

And if you haven’t listened to Kristina’s previous episode, where she speaks with the incredible Khadija Gbla, we encourage you to do so. It is an incredibly confronting episode, but so inspiring and eye-opening, and really gets you thinking about how we can all choose to challenge. Whether you choose to challenge something great and big or simply choose to challenge yourself in smalls ways each day, it can all help to make a positive difference in the world.

#66: Khadija Gbla – Challenging the Status Quo & Pushing for Positive Change – Your Dream Life Podcast

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At kikki.K, we want to help inspire young women and the women of tomorrow to follow their dreams, live what they believe in, challenge, create change and achieve their ambitions. Which is why, as a brand, we are choosing to challenge the inequality of access to education for girls by continuing our partnership with Malala Fund to help give more girls around the world access to safe, quality education. Find out more about our partnership with Malala Fund and how you can join the movement here.

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