#66: Khadija Gbla – Challenging the Status Quo & Pushing for Positive Change – Your Dream Life Podcast

This week’s special podcast guest is Khadija Gbla, a strong and empowered feminist, human rights activist, speaker, mother and woman fighting for what she believes in, pushing for positive change around the world.

With International Women’s day coming up on the 8th March, having Khadija take the time to speak with Kristina and share her story with all of us is something truly special.

After coming from Gambia to Australia as a refugee at just 13 years of age, Khadija is a true inspiration, having experienced the sad truth of discrimination, racism, inequality and abuse many women face first-hand.

Now, she is not only a survivor but a passionate advocate for other women who have suffered the same, dedicating her life to helping young women around the world – campaigning against and raising awareness for Female Genital Mutilation (or FGM.)

This episode is a story about the power of fighting for what you believe in, empowering those around us and choosing to challenge the wrongs we see in the world.

Some of the topics in this episode may be confronting and difficult to listen to, but we truly believe it’s such an important episode about the inequality and discrimination many women still face today.

We encourage you to find a quiet place, pour yourself a cup of tea and listen to this powerful episode, where you’ll discover:

  • Khadija’s story and the incredible work she does
  • How Khadija finds strength to keep pushing for change and fighting for what she believes in
  • How to own your story and create your own change
  • The power of choosing to challenge the wrongs you see in the world
  • The importance of showing up, even on the days it seems hard
  • Tips on being an ally and giving a voice to those who need it
  • The importance of challenging the status quo
  • That you should always look after yourself and take time for self-care
  • The magic of morning routines, and so much more!

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“Khadija is such an inspiration and so passionate about everything. Her energy for creating positive change and her passion for empowering women is truly contagious! And with International Women’s Day on 8th March, I couldn’t think of a better guest to remind us all to challenge the status quo and support each other to live our best lives.” Kristina Karlsson

“No matter how things have been done before, there is always room for positive change, and Khadija is the perfect example of someone who is choosing to challenge every day!” Kristina Karlsson


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