#64: Peter Jumrukovski – Morning Routines, Shifting Your Mindset and Achieving Goals – Your Dream Life Podcast

Originally from Sweden, Kristina’s guest this week is Peter Jumrukovski, an author, keynote speaker and world-medallist who truly practises what he preaches. By working on – and achieving – his own goals over the past fifteen years, Peter has won a World Championship bronze medal and 8 national championships in karate.

He has travelled the world, become a top marketing salesman, written a book in just 40 days, and fulfilled his childhood dream of moving across the globe from Sweden to Los Angeles. His dream has long been to help others succeed in achieving their goals – and that is exactly what he is doing right now!

Host of his own I Love Success podcast and author of four incredible books, Peter dedicates his time to helping individuals, organisations and schools to succeed by changing their mindset and working with goals and routines in a new, fun and efficient way.

And very similar to Kristina’s dream, Peter is also on an incredible mission to help at least 10 million people in 10 year to achieve their dream!

This episode was recorded in LA a little while back, so you may hear a little background LA noise throughout but we think it only adds to Peter’s wonderful energy. Keep listening  to hear Peter’s wisdom and experiences as he shares his journey so far, as well as:

  • The importance of having a vision and working incredibly hard to achieve it
  • The power of encouraging others and believing in their dreams
  • The importance of mentors, role models and finding someone you can look up to and be inspired by
  • That we should be committed to the process but not always attached to the outcome
  • The importance of celebrating your wins as you go through life
  • That’s it’s okay if you don’t succeed, as long as you gave it a go
  • The benefits of waking up early and setting a morning routine
  • Tips for taking control of your mornings
  • The importance of treating yourself with same kindness, respect and care as you would others
  • How to achieve your goals by breaking them down into small, achievable actions, and so much more!

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“Something I really loved was how he reminded us that we are all human, and that we need to be kind to ourselves along the way, no matter what it is we’re trying to achieve.” Kristina Karlsson

“Wherever you are in the world right now, whatever is happening around you, I hope you’re looking after yourself, making time for your self-care and keeping a good routine to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing are looked after at all times.” Kristina Karlsson


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