#63: Love Yourself First! How to Make Self-Love a Priority with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina is talking all about love, and not just any kind of love; self-love!

When you love yourself, you are more likely to feel that you are worthy of living your dream life.  It’s important to remember that self-love isn’t the same as self-care. However, when you love yourself, you are so much more likely to take care of yourself. And when you take care of yourself, you are more likely to love yourself more. With a belief that self-love and living your Dream Life have a very close connection, in this wonderful episode Kristina shares her experience and learnings from her own self-love journey.

Whenever you are going through a challenging time – this could be anything like losing your job, being unwell or a breakup – it can be difficult to get through, but there are always silver linings and its often through these hard times that we need to love ourselves a bit extra.

We are all worthy of love, regardless of your past, what you have or haven’t done, you are worthy of love. It is so important to remember and always know this, regardless how you feel at any given time.

Listen now for some wonderful tips on how to start loving yourself or loving yourself more. Remember, loving yourself can be truly life changing so take some time each day and ask yourself; am I doing what I could to love myself today?

Plus, if you want to learn more about self-love and its power, be sure to listen to last week’s episode, #62 Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It with Kamal Ravikant, and author of the book of the same name.

#62: Kamal Ravikant – Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It – Your Dream Life Podcast

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