#54: Sarah Davidson – Seizing the Yay, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude – Your Dream Life Podcast

You are going to get so much out of this wonderful episode, where Kristina peaks to the incredible Sarah Davidson (also known as Spoonful of Sarah), entrepreneur and co-founder of Matcha Maiden and author of her recent book, Seize the Yay and podcast of the same name.

Sarah started her first business after suffering form complete adrenal exhaustion. As a young lawyer looking for a caffeine-free fix to supplement her serious coffee habit, she ordered 10kg of green tea form Japan without realising its sheer volume! She then started up a side hustle to shift the 9kg she didn’t need, and her business Matcha Maiden was born.

With no business experience or investment behind them, Sarah and her partner Nick built Matcha Maiden from scratch, followed by one of Kristina’s favourite cafes, plant-based Matcha Mylk Bar – so inspiring!

This episode is a tiny bit longer than our regular episodes, but Sarah is such an incredible guest that we don’t think you’ll even notice!  Over the next hour and a bit, you will hear Kristina and Sarah discuss the age-old duo of self-doubt and fear, and how to work through these and evolve, as well as:

  • How journaling is so helpful, whether you’re faced with challenging times or wonderful times!
  • How to adopt and attitude of gratitude
  • How Sarah wrote her book, Seize the Yay,  in record time
  • Helpful tips for embracing self-care and living a healthy life that is right for you
  • How being uncomfortable is unavoidable, so why not being uncomfortable trying something new or taking a chance?
  • Tips and learnings from Sarah’s own experience of starting a business, and so much more!

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