#52: Jane Lu – Failure and Success, Taking Risks and Never Giving Up with ‘The Lazy CEO’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

Join Kristina as she chats with the wonderful Jane Lu, or the ‘Lazy CEO’ as she’s also known. After being inspired to quit her corporate job, or ‘cubicle life’ as she calls it, Jane started the online global fashion empire, Showpo, from her parent’s garage. And what started off as a laptop and two shelves of clothing back in 2010, is now a global online empire, shipping to 80 countries with a huge social following of over 3.5 million!

Jane believes her success with Showpo comes from building a passionate, highly skilled and dedicated team who also share this belief. Through failing and getting right back up and trying again, Jane is the perfect example of resilience and a never-give-up mindset.

Jane’s ‘Lazy CEO’ name is definitely not a reflection of her work ethic. While her ways may be a little untraditional, the name comes from her strong belief that once you have found a job you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.

In this inspiring episode, Jane very openly shares with us how she went from being $60,000 in debt to being listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 and winning Online Retailer of the Year. Listen in to this incredible episode now to learn:

  • How failures and mistakes can lead to amazing opportunities
  • How working with, and surrounding yourself, with the right people is key to running a successful business
  • Tips on building confidence and working through ‘imposter syndrome’
  • That if other people can do something, so can you!
  • That if you have a dream or a goal, the best thing you can do is start!
  • The importance doing things that make you uncomfortable and learning from your experiences
  • Tips for beginning an online business
  • Why we should never let self-doubt get in the way of trying new things
  • The importance of taking calculated risks
  • Why we should never give up – obstacles will happen, but you will get through them, and so much more!

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“I loved chatting with Jane about her about her incredible success, as well as how she came back and learned from her failures.” Kristina Karlsson

“At a time when the world is going through so much uncertainty and we’re all facing many new and never-before-seen challenges, I think Jane’s story is a great reminder that difficult times will happen, but we can get through them and often come out stronger on the other side of it.” Kristina Karlsson


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