#51: Your Yearly Reflection Exercise for 2020 with Kristina Karlsson – Your Dream Life Podcast

As we come close to the end of 2020, a year that has challenged and sadly continues to challenge our world more than any in recent history, Kristina brings you this reflective episode. A specially-designed 2020 Yearly Reflection Exercise to encourage you to pause and think about the year that was. Consider everything you learned, felt, achieved, enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) so you can focus on a wonderful year ahead for 2021.

Whilst we understand that the challenges of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic are far from over, Kristina asks us to take a quiet moment to reflect on how COVID-19 has changed our ways of living. What have you learned during this time? Have you found any silver linings through the challenges?

For this episode, we encourage you to grab a pen and your journal or a notebook, and find a comfortable space. If you’d like a worksheet to follow along with, you can download Kristina’s FREE 2020 Yearly Reflection Worksheet here, to print and fill out as you go along.

You can also simply work along with a notebook or journal – just choose whatever works for you.  We hope you’ll find this exercise as useful as Kristina does to reflect deeply on the year you’ve just had. Especially in this unique and difficult year 2020 has been for many. Listen to it and redo the exercises as many times as you need, and let it help you enter 2021 with a clear vision of what you’d like your year to look like.

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“I find it so important to look back on the past before thinking about all the things you want to achieve in the future.” Kristina Karlsson

Once you’ve listened to this episode – as many times as you need to – and reflected on your year and what you’d like to focus on for next year, why not take a listen to Kristina’s 101 Dreams Podcast Episode as well. It’s the perfect way to start you thinking about the life you want to live. You can listen here>

Until next episode, take care of yourselves and each other, and don’t forget to dream big!


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