5 Ways to Get Organised with your kikki.K Planner

We believe it’s always the perfect time for a fresh start. From your goals to your organisation and daily habits, today is the perfect opportunity to start working towards a better tomorrow. That’s why we love our gorgeous new Limited Edition Teal Medium Planner. Featuring a unique metallic floral design on the cover and 7 tabs you can customise, it’s a great tool for helping you plan your dreams. Be inspired to be more productive with yours with these simple ideas.

 Start with a To Do List

Having a list of tasks and priorities in the front of your planner can act like an index so you can easily see what’s inside. Depending on how busy you are, you may choose to use the little notepad included, or you could add in a separate sheet using a To Do List Pad. This way, each time you open your planner, you can immediately be reminded of where your focus should be.

Be inspired to organise and decorate your kikki.K planner with these fun ideas

Make time for the big things

It can be so easy to get caught up in little day to day tasks that you realise you haven’t had any time to focus on larger projects and personal development goals. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a visual reminder of these somewhere in your planner. You might want to block out an afternoon a week in your calendar pages to focus on research and development, or perhaps you dedicate an entire section to personal development, wellbeing

Capture ideas and inspirations

You never know when inspiration will strike so be sure to assign a section of your planner for writing down random thoughts, ideas, loves and inspirations. Now you’ll always have an inspiring place to turn to when you need to develop your projects and plans.

Be inspired to organise and decorate your kikki.K planner with these fun ideas

Organise your receipts

Taking little steps each day to manage and organise your finances makes it so much easier to stay in control of your budget. Why not assign a tabbed section to your weekly spending? That way you’ll easily be able to track your progress. You could even create a DIY envelope using your Paper Lover’s Book to keep any receipts until you can write them into your budget or transfer them into your Receipts Organiser at home.

Revisit your system

Once you’ve been using your planner for a few weeks, it’s really important to check in and make sure your set up is working for you. Each planner is designed to be completely customisable to your life. So if you find you’re not using a section, simply use the stickers provided to assign it to something more useful. From goals to projects, meeting notes, lists, ideas, habits, fitness, checklists and more, the opportunities are endless.

We hope these ideas help you set up your new planner. Be sure to share your progress with #kikkiKPlannerLove or post your ideas in the comments.

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