5 Ways to Embrace Mindfulness at Home

Add a touch of Swedish style to your home or workspace with our new Homewares Collection, Black is the New Black. Combining gold foil designs and modern shapes with a sophisticated black matte base, our new collection celebrates form and function to bring joy to every day. It’s perfect for helping you to create a space you love so you can practise mindfulness at home.

Did you know studies have shows that practising mindfulness daily can relieve stress,  lower our blood pressure, boost happiness and improve concentration? So why not be inspired to incorporate a daily practice into your routine with our 5 tips for creating a mindful space at home:

Curate your space

When you spend so much time at home, it should be a space to rest, inspire and recharge. Turn your home into a personal retreat by hanging artwork you love, adding quotes to your Vision Board and displaying photos of your loved ones.

Create a mindful space at home with these homewares


There’s such a great sense of freedom that comes with decluttering and removing unloved and unused items in your home. Not only will doing so create more physical space, you may find it allows you more emotional space too.

Bring nature indoors

Immersing ourselves in nature and greenery can do so much to inspire a mindful attitude. Bring the outdoors into your home by adding Plant Pots and fresh blooms. Don’t forget to water your plants with our new Watering Can.

Create a mindful space at home with these homewares


Meditation offers numerous benefits and will help you to relax, accept your emotions and live in the moment. Add a meditation prompt – for example our Hourglass – so you have a reminder to practise each day, even if only for 3 minutes.

Disconnect from Technology

Make a rule to put your phone away more often at home and focus on offline activities – whether enjoying a hobby or simply reading a book. Our Pause Journal is full of activities and prompts to help you do this more often.

Are you loving these ideas? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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