5 Ways to Create a More Mindful Home

Through the month of May, we’re encouraging all our lovely kikki.K fans to take a Mindful Moment with us and share it with #kikkiKMindfulMoments. To help you embrace the benefits that come with mindfulness, we thought we’d share our favourite tips to adding positivity to your home.

Create a Meditation Space

It can be hard to take some time out to meditate in a busy home. It’s so easy to get distracted with the everyday and our list of jobs and tasks we want to tackle. That’s why it’s really important to carve out a physical space to take a regular mindful moment. It could be something as simple as taking out a yoga mat, lighting a Scented Candle and sitting on the living room floor for 10 minutes. The physical act of setting a routine for mindfulness is a great way to focus your mind. Use this time to pause and focus on your breathing. Clear your mind and banish the stress and tension from the day.

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Banish Phones from the Bedroom

Each morning when you wake up, instead of scrolling through emails and social media, why not take a moment to set your intentions for the day? Whether you lie still or sit up on your bed, close your eyes, follow your breath and focus your energies for the day ahead. Got a big meeting or stressful task? Picture yourself fulfilling each action with positivity and love the confident feeling that comes from this.

Practice Mindful Eating

How often do we come home tired and just throw something together? Or eat when we’re not really hungry? Putting practices in place to ensure you plan healthy and nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy together is a great way to encourage mindful eating. Having tools like our Categorised Shopping List and Recipe Organiser in the kitchen will help you plan your shopping. And why not visit your local market each weekend and load up on fruit and vegetables to use all week? Use this better preparation to reach greater awareness and appreciation of your eating habits and set positive intentions for your health and wellbeing.

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Appreciate Every Little Thing

Take regular moments each week to walk through your home and reflect on every little thing without judgement. Instead of thinking off all the things you haven’t achieved yet, notice what you have achieved and what’s working. Do you have a gorgeous Quote Card in a frame or some artwork that you love? Stop for a moment to view and reflect on this, taking in the colours and shapes rather than just rushing past each day. In addition to this, question the need for things in your home. That cupboard of clutter and unused pieces, do you really need to hold on to them? Really thinking about the things you use and the effectiveness of your routines is the first step to a more peaceful, less cluttered space.

Start a Journaling Tradition

Our Mindfulness Journal is a beautiful tool for your Mindfulness Journey. Use it every day to take notes of your progress and use the exercises and tips inside to encourage and motivate you. Alternatively our other Inspiration Journals are also great for focusing on a different area of your life, whether it’s Dreams, Goals or Gratitude. Set aside 10 minutes at the end of each day to pause and reflect. You’ll soon find yourself gaining greater awareness about your daily thoughts, feelings, habits and actions.

Feeling inspired to embrace mindful living? We’d love to see you in store during the month of May where you can discover more about this lovely practice and share your #kikkiKMindfulMoments.

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  1. I love your store and your blog, it’s definitely a space that makes you feel positive and happy about life.

    Will be participating in my first ever workshop this Thursday and it’s the Mindfullness one!

    So excited 🙂

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