5 Reasons to Love Paper

With our smartphones almost an extension of our physical bodies these days, there’s something refreshing about putting pen to paper. Not only is it a simple act of disconnect from the screen, but writing helps us to re-connect in ways that are near impossible behind a screen.

To celebrate the launch of our new Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book, I wanted to share a few reasons why I LOVE putting pen to paper:

Clears the mind

We all have moments when it feels like we have 100 tabs open in our minds, and it’s near impossible to switch them off. A simple technique to clear the mind is the act of ‘mind dumping’ each morning. As soon as you wake, write down every single thought, to-do, worry or concern from pen to paper. It needn’t make any sense – the purpose of this exercise isn’t to write a story, but rather to clear your head of the mental ‘clutter’ we often start our days with. Know that everything is now captured on the page should you need it (although it’s likely once it is out of the mind, the stress will automatically alleviate) and carry on your day with far less tabs opened.

Clarifies our goals

There is something incredibly powerful in writing down your goals. The practice of journaling on your dreams and visions allows you to get crystal clear on what it is you want to achieve. Once written on the page, you are then able to build out action items to literally bring your goals to life. It’s one thing to dream big – but another thing entirely to OWN those dreams by listing them and getting to work!

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Reconnect with your soul

The act of free-writing is a beautiful tool to reconnect with your soul/life purpose. Simply take your pen to the page and let it write for you. Free-writing allows you to tap into your deep potential and innermost thoughts and desires without the fear of judgement we often hold ourselves back from. Start with the following prompts if you’re stuck:

What would I do if fear didn’t exist?

What does my soul desire most right now?

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Creative outlet

Writing is a beautiful form of creative expression. When we write creatively, be it poetry, song writing or another form of creative writing, we enter the flow state which is key for cultivating a positive life outlook. And before you say ‘I’m not creative!’ – just give it a go. Write a story for a loved one, or even start with writing how your day was. What emotions came up for you today? Try to take the pressure out of it being perfect by just starting. Remember no one has to read it but you.

Never miss a beat

There’s nothing like having a pen and paper handy for those random moments ideas flood to you – maybe you’re on the bus, at the office, or in the car. Knowing you have your brainwaves captured is perfect when it comes to productivity – because you are no longer lost in trying to remember what it is you want to be working on, seeing as it is all captured for you!

What’s your favourite way to put pen to paper? Discover our Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book here.


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