5 Productivity Tips for Work or School

Little things make big days. Sometimes the key to achieving a lot is to focus on a few small changes you can make each day. That’s why our Make Your Mark Planner Pads are a great addition to your desk space. Pick the size and style that works for you and use yours to become more organised. To celebrate their release, we’re sharing 5 simple tricks that are a great way to start managing your time and working more productively.

Start each morning with positivity

The way you choose to start your day can have such an impact on how you work as well as your general wellbeing and stress levels. Little tricks like getting up 10 minutes early to do some breathing exercises will set you up for a great day ahead. When you get to your desk, take 15 minutes to prepare for the day ahead by scribbling on your A4 Day Planner Pad. List each major task by how important it is and give yourself an estimated amount of time it will take you. That way you have a clear vision for the day ahead.

Productivity Tips for Work or School using our new Planner Pads

Have clear goals

It’s so great to always have clear goals in mind so you don’t get distracted by day to day things. Our A4 Weekly Planner Pad has space for each day’s tasks as well as a more general To Do List on the side. Write your shorter tasks on each day and use the extra space to remind yourself of a couple of longer term goals you are working towards. This is a great way to provide focus for long terms goals that might get forgotten otherwise.

Get off your emails

We hate being a slave to our emails. Rather than allowing yourself to be distracted by notifications all day, turn off your alerts and only check your inbox at set times. This will give you the headspace to apply yourself more meaningfully to the tasks at hand.

Don’t take work home with you

We’re all guilty of thinking about work or study outside of office hours but conversely, you’ll actually work more productively if you manage to find a work/life balance. A great tip to help you leave work at your desk is to properly go over your To Do List at the end of the day. Knowing exactly how much you’ve achieved and taking the time to set your tasks for tomorrow will help you shut off and unwind. Using your commute home to listen to a podcast, read a book or go running will also help you arrive home refreshed and relaxed.

Evaluate your week

Why not turn Fridays into your most productive day of the week? Using your Planner Pad, take some time to fully evaluate everything you’ve achieved the week just gone. This exercise is a great way to assess whether you could have done something differently or if you’re on track to achieve your overall work or study goals. Now you’ll have a better idea of how you want to approach things when Monday comes back around.

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