5 Little Tips for Better Everyday Organisation

We’re excited to introduce our new Financial Year collection, which is bursting with stationery freshness like cute berry prints and pretty colours. To help you get started with the new collection, here are our favourite ideas you can use every day to take control of your tasks and work with more positivity.

Turn Off Autopilot

Do you start your day the same way each morning? Perhaps you grab a coffee and then absentmindedly check emails. Then before you know it half your morning is already gone. To combat this, why not start every day with clear intentions and fuller awareness. Before you even turn on your computer, take 10 minutes with your Planner or Notebook and go through your priorities for the day ahead. That way you’ll have clear focuses and won’t feel like you’re straying off your path for the day.

Only Check Emails Twice a Day

Following on from the previous point, emails just distract you if you keep checking them. Turn off notifications and only read emails at set points throughout the day. Set up clear folders for different tasks and areas and love the feeling of a streamlined inbox.

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Fall in Love with Pen and Paper

Staring at a screen all day can feel exhausting and is bad for your eye sight too. Break up your day by getting away from your computer and jotting down ideas in a Notepad instead. You might find that the change in your routine helps you refocus and approach tasks with more creativity. Using a paper Diary is also a great way to help you manage your days. Take it with you on-the-go so you can write down and check appointments as you think of them.

Set Up Your Desk

Do you have the perfect system that works for you? Use folders to store important documents and purge regularly so you don’t hold onto junk. That way you’ll have everything you need easily within reach, whenever you need it.

Set yourself 5 top priorities each day with this cute printed To Do ListHave a To Do List

Our Top 5 Priorities List will make sure you always have clear goals for each day. Each morning write down 5 things you want to achieve and make sure one is a reward for you. This could be an afternoon walk or an evening yoga session. After all, there’s more to life than work!

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