#48: Anna-Carin McNamara – Creating a Harmonious Living and Working Environment, Productivity and Dreaming – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina took a little time to chat with her dear friend Anna-Carin McNamara, founder of Anna-Carin Design Studio and Author of Make a Home to Love – How to Bring Order and Beauty into Your Home the Scandinavian Way.

Born in Sweden, Anna-Carin is a wonderful interior designer, such an inspiration and is also a great support to Kristina on a daily basis. In this episode, she shares her passion for creating beautiful spaces and her wisdom on creating a beautiful home environment that can help us to not only be more productive, but also express our identity and bring us joy. And with many of us spending more and more time in our homes this year, the idea of creating living spaces we love is even more important than ever.

Anna-Carin believes strongly in making the most of the space that you have now, rather than waiting for that perfect space in the future. And in this wonderful episode she shares how there is always something you can do to create that special sanctuary at home.

We apologise for the audio issues throughout as we had a bit of interference that could not be edited out, but we think you’ll still love this episode!

Keep listening in to also learn:

  • How a harmonious home environment can affect us in more ways than we know – affecting the way we feel, behave and think
  • Steps you can take to create your dream home or dream space
  • Tips on decluttering and organising your home
  • The positive benefits of inviting more of the outside indoors and honouring nature in your home
  • How we tell the story of who we are through our homes
  • How to productively work from home and also how to work and live in the same space (if you need to)
  • The importance of rituals to help with your productivity throughout the day
  • How taking time to work out what you want out of life can set you on the path to creating your dream life
  • That there are always silver linings, and so much more!

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“What I love most is how Anna-Carin talks about the way the core of who we are should be reflected in our environment. And the way a space can truly affect how we feel, behave and act.” Kristina Karlsson


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