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Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of global retail business, Shoes of Prey, Jodie Fox is someone Kristina has had on her list of people to meet for a long time. Not only because they have experienced some similar challenges in businesses, but because she has admired her entrepreneurial spirit and successes for some time.

Jodie has gone through so much over the past few years, both in business and her personal life, which she was kind enough to openly share with us in this honest and inspiring episode.

Shoes of Prey was an incredible start-up success story. Allowing people to design their own shoes online then have them shipped anywhere in the world! However, despite its incredible success, sadly, in 2018 the business had to close its doors.

As you can imagine, this was heartbreaking for Jodie. Saying goodbye to her dream and working through all the challenges that led to closing its doors, and beyond.

Incredibly, Jodie has shared this journey with the world in her book, Reboot: Probably More Than What You Wanted to Know About Starting a Global Business.

Jodie strongly believes in talking about the things that went wrong, and by sharing her story with others, she hopes to make it less lonely for anyone else going through similar struggles.

In this inspiring episode, Jodie shares how she followed a dream to create a business she loved, as well as:

  • The idea that you’re never too old to start something new
  • How we sometimes let fear and our expertise get in the way of what might truly make us happy
  • The importance of checking in with yourself and what you want your life to look like
  • Remembering that we don’t have to have all the answers before starting something – no one ever does!
  • The impact of surrounding yourself with wonderful people who can inspire you and support you
  • How it’s easier to make it through the tough times if you’re doing something you love
  • That we should always do everything before we’re ready. Just start!
  • Jodie’s personal ‘toolkit’ for managing through challenges and anxieties, and so much more!

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“Having gone through some difficult times myself recently, I found Jodie’s book really helped me.” Kristina Karlsson

“One thing I really related to – aside from the challenges of business of course – was the power of writing down the things you want in life.” Kristina Karlsson


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