#42: Tanya Goodin – Reducing Screen Time, Creating Digital Balance & Living More Mindfully – Your Dream Life Podcast

In this incredible episode, Kristina speaks to the ever-inspiring Tanya Goodin – a woman who has spent her entire career focused on the interaction between people and technology. As someone who has spent her life almost entirely onscreen, Tanya was one of the first to notice the impact of a screen-based lifestyle on focus and concentration, productivity, creativity, stress, and sleep.

For over 20 years she was the founder and owner of one of the UK’s first digital marketing agencies and is now a digital consultant to brands and schools, founder of the digital detox movement: Time To Log Off and author of two books, Off, and Stop Staring at Screens, dedicated to helping people and families achieve a digital balance in their lives.

Passionate about reducing screen time and encouraging offline activities, Tanya, who now specialises in Internet Addiction and Screen Time in Children speaking regularly on these to educate children and parents.

Tanya also has a wonderful podcast called ‘It’s complicated: untangling the relationship with our phone.’

Somewhat of a digital pioneer, Tanya was optimising for search engines three years before Google launched and marketing through social media two years before Facebook was even a global platform.

In this wonderful episode, she shares her learnings and wisdom on the importance of digital balance in our ever-changing and increasingly tech-focused lives.

Keep listening to discover:

  • Tips for managing your digital screen time
  • How to consider what you may have given up in your life in order to create time for your screens
  • Common effects of too much screen time on our physical and mental wellbeing
  • How our screen time can affect our relationships
  • The positive things that can come from putting your phone away
  • What a healthy amount of screen time looks like for everyone
  • Simple tips for managing time spent on your devices and emails at work
  • The importance of mindfulness in helping us to create balance in our tech-driven world
  • The wonderful power of gratitude, and so much more!

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“I love Tanya’s thoughts and ideas on creating more of a digital balance in our lives – especially now, as technology seems to be more and more at the heart of everything we do.” Kristina Karlsson

“By reducing screen time in my own life I’ve been able to focus so much more, sleep better and be more creative – and in fact, without reducing my screen time, I would never have completed my book, Your Dream Life Starts Here, or have begun this podcast!” Kristina Karlsson