#40: Myles Hopper – Mindful Eating, Values & How Small Changes Create Lasting Results with Mindful Chef Co-Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to Myles Hopper, co-founder of the ethically-minded, healthy recipe box company Mindful Chef, whose mission is to help people lead healthier and more sustainable lives through simple recipes and ingredients sourced from local, ethical suppliers. With a wealth of knowledge on all things health, fitness, nutrition, business, and a passion for enjoying life and making a positive difference in the world, Myles shares the Mindful Chef journey with us along with plenty more inspiration.

Myles, along with his school friends Giles and Rob founded the Mindful Chef back in 2015, and they continue to make healthy eating easier for their fast growing customer-base across the UK today.

As you might imagine, the name Mindful Chef expresses everything their business hopes to be: mindful of the suppliers they use, mindful of the ingredients they include and mindful of their impact on the environment.

A wonderful example of this is their partnership with the inspirational charity, One Feeds Two’.

This partnership means that for every Mindful meal sold, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty. And to date, they have donated over 1.5 million meals to children in need – just incredible.

Mindful Chef is also the Official Nutrition Partner to the English Institute of Sport – helping to power athletes in the build-up to major competitions.

And their Mindful Chef cookbook which was awarded the Number 1 Healthy Eating Book of 2017!

In this wonderfully inspiring episode, you will discover:

  • How breaking your large goals down into smaller behavioral changes can help to create long-lasting change
  • The power of pausing to consider how you could do things a little better than you’re currently doing them – at work, in your personal life and for the world
  • That sometimes we all need to take a moment to look up, and slow down, no matter what we’re doing
  • The importance of considering who can help you get to where you need to be
  • Some wonderful tips for living a healthier lifestyle
  • How taking your time with meal prep can have huge positive benefits for your digestion and overall wellbeing
  • Tips for starting up your own business
  • The benefits of experiencing new things and taking the time to enjoy them
  • How living and breathing your values can positively influence every other aspect of your life and business
  • That as soon as you make one positive change, you’ll start to think about ways to improve other parts of your life as well, and so much more.

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“I just love how three friends were able to create the Mindful Chef out of a simple idea, but also how they were able to build its purpose around a set of clear values which helped them not only drive the business to success, but also to spread a positive message of health, sustainability and the environment around the world.” Kristina Karlsson

“Something else I really loved is the idea that we’re so much more likely to succeed and create long-lasting changes when we break down our huge goals and dreams into smaller behavioural changes – I couldn’t agree more! So often we get overwhelmed by the size of our dreams and goals that we give up before we’ve even begun!” Kristina Karlsson