4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Desk Plant Happy

There are few things that can bring as much pleasure to your workday as a beautiful workspace styled with some lush and lovely green things.

Plants help relax our bodies and minds, and they improve our perception of life challenges – which is a huge help at work. They reduce noise levels in offices and act as all-natural air purification systems – improving our health and wellbeing. They help personalise our space – helping us feel ‘at home’ in our work environment so we can bring our ‘A’ game.

So how do we keep our leafy friends in tip top condition? Here are a few tips to keep to them green, growing and gorgeous.

1 | Know thy plant
This might seem obvious, but just as plant types look different, they also have different needs for water, sunlight, temperature and fertilisation. Do a quick google to find out your plants’ needs and follow the recommendations.

2 | Keep it pretty
That’s right, looks are important. If your plant is looking less fabulous than when you bought it – going brown around the edges; getting curly, discoloured or spotty leaves; or looking a bit pale and wan, it’s an indicator something is wrong with its care.

First, check the soil. If it’s soaking a few days after your last watering, you’ve over-watered. If the soil is dry or crumbly, water it lots until water comes out the bottom of its container.

Now check for new growth. If your plant isn’t producing new leaves and shoots it probably needs light fertilisation or re-potting into a bigger container.

If there is new growth, but the leaves are thin and ‘stretched-out’ looking, your plant needs more sunlight. To avoid new growth heading off all in one direction, rotate your plants a quarter turn each week.

3 | Too much of a good thing?
There is such a thing as too much of a good thing with plants. Stunted plants can be a sign of too much fertilisation – which can stop nutrient and water absorption. Try lowering fertilization doses and see what happens.

If your plant has brown spots on leaf tips, it’s a sign of too much watering or too much humidity. But if you know you’re not overwatering it and the soil is dry to the touch, under watering may be the issue (so tricky!). Low humidity can also dry out the plant. You can fix this by misting the leaves with a spray bottle a few times a week.

4 | Location, location!
If you’ve tried all the above and your plant still looks sad, it may need a holiday. Draughts from doors, heating vents, and air conditioners can all take a toll, so sometimes it’s best to give your plant a 6 week break somewhere new to rest and rejuvenate. Consider giving it to a work buddy for a new location.

So, keep giving your green babies some love. They’ll love you right back.

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