#39: Ruby Warrington – Working Through a Fear of Change, Treating Yourself with Love and Being ‘Sober Curious’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to Ruby Warrington – an author, speaker, brand consultant, copywriter and thought leader on a mission is to inspire people to see the world through a new lens. Through her books, Material Girl, Mystical World and her latest title, Sober Curious, she invites us all to engage with life on a deeper, more meaningful level.

After asking herself what she really wanted out of life, Ruby became curious about the benefits of living an alcohol-free existence, and soon realised that she could be more present, energetic and focused when she removed alcohol from the equation.

With 20 years’ experience as a lifestyle journalist and Founder of The Numinous – an online platform that aims to ‘Make the Mystical more Mainstream’ – Ruby believes in the value of feelings as well as facts, and encourages us all to acknowledge that being human is a truly spiritual experience.

Full of simple tips and inspirational learnings, this episode will help you discover:

  • What happens when you ask yourself ‘what type of life do you really want to live?’
  • Helpful tips for anyone who may be considering giving up alcohol
  • How to focus on the positive things you’d like to cultivate in your life, rather than the negative things you’d like to remove
  • The importance of treating yourself with love and doing more of the things that make you feel great
  • Some incredible benefits that Ruby and I have both found from giving up alcohol
  • Ways to work through a fear of change when making large life decisions
  • How a regular journaling practice can help you understand yourself on a deeper level
  • The benefits of being selective with how you spend your time, your energy and who you spend it with, and so much more!

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“Not only is Ruby super inspiring, but I can also really relate to her ‘Sober Curious’ journey so much, as I’ve been on one myself! And I can honestly say that after not drinking for over two years now, I do feel that I’m a lot healthier, I sleep better and am more focused and present in my everyday life. Which is so important to me.” Kristina Karlsson

“What I really loved about chatting to Ruby was that everything she spoke about really came back to the idea of ‘living your best life’ and the importance of asking yourself ‘what type of life do you want to live?’ ” Kristina Karlsson