#37: Cyril Peupion – Productivity, Time Management, Focusing on Progress not Perfection, and Creating Work-Life Balance – Your Dream Life Podcast

Our first episode for 2020 features the wonderfully inspiring Cyril Peupion, one of the world’s leading experts in productivity, time management and creating work-life balance – areas we could all use a little help in, especially at the start of a New Year! Listen as he and Kristina discuss simple actions that can help to make your work and life easier, common tips of high performers, how to create solid foundations for productivity and so much more!

As a thought-leader, Cyril supports executives, leaders, and teams to improve their performance and work-life balance by changing habits.

His best-selling book Work Smarter, Live Better, has been ranked in the top 100 business books worldwide and in the top 10 business books in Australia – and Kristina openly shares how this book changed the way she lives and works for the better.

In fact, Kristina loved his advice and guidance so much that she actually invited Cyril to run a session with the Leadership Team at kikki.K a few years ago – and we still follow many of his principles to this day!

A regular contributor to publications such as Business Review Weekly and the Australian Financial Review, Cyril has now built Work Smarter, Live Better into a highly-respected training firm, delivering his learnings across the world.

Cyril was kind enough to share some of his learnings with us, and in this inspiring episode, you will discover:

  • Small, simple actions that can help to make your work and life easier
  • How to change the way you think about your time, and be more conscious of spending every moment wisely
  • The importance of living life to the fullest and without regret
  • Ideas for taking control of your inbox and emails throughout your day
  • Ways to create solid foundations for productivity
  • Common and successful tips of high performers
  • The importance of understanding what matters most to you
  • The power of getting clear on your personal goals
  • Thoughts on creating a work/life balance, and so much more!

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“As I mentioned, we use many of Cyril’s principles at kikki.K, and I really encourage you to read his book, Work Smarter, Live Better after listening to this episode.” Kristina Karlsson

“I think one of the most important lessons I took from this episode is that starting small and simply taking action really is the key to success – no matter what you’re working towards.

It’s all about progress, not perfection – so try to keep that in mind as you start your day today or tomorrow, depending on when you’re listening to this.” Kristina Karlsson