#36: Jess Hatzis – Resilience, Setting Boundaries and Understanding and Living Your Values with Frank Body Co-Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode – our final one for the year! – Kristina catches up with one of the amazing founders of Frank Body – the gorgeous Jess Hatzis. Not only is Jess one of five founding forces behind the coffee-based skincare brand that has taken the world by storm, she is also a founder and director of the brand agency, Willow & Blake.

She has been named in Forbes Magazine’s ’30 under 30’ and was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Cosmopolitan in 2017. And if all that wasn’t enough, she has also recently opened up Frame fitness studio with her personal trainer husband – incredible!

As an extremely successful entrepreneur with endless commitments, it’s no wonder that Jess believes strongly in the importance of listening to your body and looking after yourself.

In this incredible episode, Jess shares the inspiring story of how Frank Body came to be the multi-million-dollar brand it is today ­– through its use of social media and clever marketing language. She also shares with us her thoughts on overcoming self-doubt, the importance of resilience and so much more!

Keep listening to discover:

  • How a few friends experimenting with ground coffee beans turned into a multi-million-dollar global brand
  • That no matter what your dreams or goals, it’s important to understand your weaknesses and find the right people who can help support you in those areas
  • The importance of building a solid community when building a brand
  • Tips and advice for anyone looking to start a business
  • How to establish clear boundaries when it comes to your digital time and social media use
  • Tips for working through feelings of self-doubt
  • The power of understanding your values and making choices to live in alignment with them
  • The importance of stress-management techniques in helping you live life to its full capacity, and so much more!

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“I love how Jess was so open and honest about learning to understand and listen to her body, and how she had to make some serious changes to ensure she was giving herself what she needed each day.” Kristina Karlsson

“The other theme that really resonated with me was how Jess believes strongly in the power of understanding your values, and making choices to ensure you’re living in alignment with them.” Kristina Karlsson


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