#35: Louise Roe – Seeking the Positive, Changing Goals and Directions as You Evolve and Nurturing Your Passions – Your Dream Life Podcast

Join Kristina as she chats with the wonderful Louise Roe – an influencer, author, TV host and lifestyle blogger who began her career in fashion journalism. With a huge social media following and a desire for sharing her love of style, Louise is passionate about helping women feel inspired and empowered, offering regular lifestyle advice through her popular blog, Front Roe.

After beginning her career as the news editor for Vogue.com in London, Louise has written for countless publications including Elle UK, In Style UK, and so many more!

Well-known for hosting MTV’s lifestyle and makeover show Plain Jane, and for her red carpet coverage for NBC’s Access Hollywood she also released her first book, Front Roe in 2015 –  a style guide dedicated to helping women feel more confident, which is also full of wonderful home decor, beauty and lifestyle tips.

With a true desire for sharing her love of style with the world, and helping women feel inspired and empowered, Louise is also an ambassador for MTV’s Bullied campaign and Step Up Women’s Network, an organization that helps underprivileged girls achieve their college and career goals.

Louise has had an incredible career, traveling the world and doing what she loves, and in this inspiring episode you’ll discover:

  • That it’s okay to change direction and chase different goals and dreams as your life evolves
  • The importance of taking a breath in the hustle and bustle of your day, giving yourself space to be creative
  • Tips for anyone looking to begin a career in blogging or influencing
  • The power of collaborating with like-minded people and brands
  • That failure is a stepping-stone to success. And that If something isn’t working for you, you can walk away from it.
  • The importance of setting boundaries in our increasingly full lives
  • The power of finding perspective when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.
  • That we all need to listen to, and nurture, our passions
  • Some fabulous health, beauty and lifestyle tips, and so much more!

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“I absolutely love Louise’s thoughts on taking the time to look at things from a different perspective when we’re feeling a little overwhelmed. And how we should try to remember the positives, even when faced with something negative.” – Kristina Karlsson

“Something else we are very aligned on is the importance of nurturing our passions, no matter what they may be! As Louise says, our passions are so personal to us and we really need to listen to them and make time for them.” – Kristina Karlsson


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