3 Ways with our DIY Sticker book

We think there are few things more enjoyable than sitting down and indulging in some paper craft. It’s so important to take some time out for yourself and let your creativity flow. Our DIY Sticker Book is designed to be the perfect addition to your stationery wardrobe. Filled with over 200 beautiful gold foil stickers and tags, it’s perfect for adding the finishing touches to gifts, scrapbooks, photo albums, Planners and more. To get you started, here are 3 gorgeous ways to use yours.

Floral centre pieces using our DIY Sticker Book

Floral centrepieces

It’s so easy to create a beautiful floral centrepiece using our DIY Sticker Book. We used empty Paper Clip bottles wrapped in a piece of Printed Notepaper for ours. Then simply decorate with stickers of your choice. These adorable DIY floral arrangements also make great gifts. Why not send your guests home with one each as a little token of your love?

Mini cake toppers using our DIY Sticker Book

Mini cake toppers

Simply place your favourite stickers on the top of little cocktail sticks for instant cake decoration. Add as many as you like to create a customised effect perfect for your cakes or desserts.

Gift wrapping using our DIY Sticker Book

Gift wrapping

There are so many ways you can use your DIY Sticker Book to decorate your wrapped gifts. One of our favourites is to create a DIY rosette. To create yours, simply cut out 2 strips of Wrapping Paper roughly 10cm by 20cm. Fold each one in on itself in a fan effect. Then fold each one in half and attach both strips together using Adhesive Dots. Now you should have a rosette. Cut out a circle of Wrapping Paper and stick down on the front. Decorate with stickers and ribbon to finish.

Gift wrapping using our DIY Sticker Book

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