3 ways to use our Tote Bag

There are some things in life that we can never get enough of and a good Tote Bag is definitely one of them. Our new Make Your Mark Tote Bag features a gorgeous neon print and 4 external pockets to keep all of your odds and ends separate while you’re on-the-move. From a handy storage solution to the perfect carryall for everyday errands, there’s so many ways you can use yours. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Store your craft supplied in our Tote Bag

To store your craft supplies

Whether you love to decorate your Planner or you enjoy painting, sketching or knitting, our Tote Bag is the perfect accessible storage option to keep your supplies together. Use the external pockets to store smaller items and love the way you can easily pull the whole thing out then you want to work on a project.

To carry groceries

We all know plastic bags are terrible for the environment but it’s all too easy to forget to take an alternative out shopping with you. Try keeping your Tote Bag somewhere at home where you can easily grab it whenever you head out the door. Use the external pockets to keep your keys, wallet and phone easily accessible and love how the pretty print adds some style to everyday errands.

Be environment conscious and carry your groceries in our Tote Bag

To store your Planner

If you love taking your Planner on the move, our Tote Bag is perfect for keeping it safe and protected wherever you go. Make sure to add your favourite pens and pencils in our matching Pencil Case so you always have the perfect stationery to hand to plan your life.

Feeling inspired? Discover our gorgeous Tote Bag here.

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