3 ways to use our Mini Postal Set

If you’ve already joined our #kikkiKLoveMail movement you’ll know we’re encouraging more people to fall in love with pen and paper this Valentine’s Day. And now there are even more ways to spread the stationery love with our Mini Postal Set. Featuring lots of little notes, cards, postcards, envelopes, stickers and more, this adorable little set is designed to help you send cute, mini messages to your friends and loved ones. To get you started, here are some of our favourite ways to use your set.

Send little notes

Whether you hide a cute note in your loved one’s lunch box or tucked inside a friend’s notebook, why not let someone know you are thinking of them during the day? It’s the perfect way to spread some joy as your friends and loved ones discover a special message when they least expect it. The tiny letters and cards are ideal for little scribbles, for example you could write reasons you love that person, or share some of your favourite memories of the two of you.

Create a special treasure hunt

For a thoughtful Valentine’s treat, we love the idea of using our Mini Postal Set to create a fun and unique treasure hunt. Start someone off with a clue to the next letter and repeat until they have found each one. You could even hide a piece of chocolate or little treats along the way to sweeten the deal. The final location can hide their Valentine’s Gift from our Love Mail Collection.

Give a fun, mini present

The Mini Postal Set also includes two cute little parcel boxes for you to keep whatever you want in. Once you’ve sent someone a couple of mini notes, why not follow these up by adding a gift placed inside one of the boxes. It could be anything from a pretty piece of jewellery to bonbons. They’ll love the way their gift looks all wrapped up in our pink and blue twine and decorated with Love Mail stickers.

What ways are you using your Mini Postal Set? We’d love for you to share them on Instagram with the hashtag #kikkiKLoveMail.

Discover the Mini Postal Set here.

Mini Postal Set Mini Postal Set

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