3 Super Cute Paper Craft Ideas

There’s something so irreplaceable about the tactile joy that comes from using paper. Our Printed  Notepad isn’t just great for scribbling ideas and notes. With its gorgeous printed sheets that easily tear out, it’s great for any spur of the moment paper craft projects too. Use it for little notes, gift wrapping decorations and anything else you can think of. To get you started, here are a few of our favourite paper craft ideas.

You’ll need…

B5 Printed Notepad
Adhesive Dots or glue

Paper Bunting

We love decorating our workspaces to suit our mood. It’s so easy to create some sweet printed bunting in your favourite colours. Tear out some pages from your Notepad and cut them into your favourite bunting shape, adding to a length of string. For our 3D bunting, we cut out 4 equal squares 10cm by 10cm, folding each one diagonally. Then using glue or Adhesive Dots, stick the four pieces together around your piece of string. Repeat until you have your desired length of bunting.

Cute bunting using our Printed Notepad

Love Arrows

From adding to your wrapped gifts to styling a party, there’s so many ways you could use these sweet Paper Arrows. They’re really easy to make: simply cut out matching 3cm triangle shapes and stick to a wooden skewer for the arrow head. For the tail, cut a rectangle 10cm long and fold it in half over the end of the skewer. Then simply cut your feather shape.

Love arrows using our Printed Notepad

Paper Envelope

It couldn’t be easier to send a cute message to someone special using our Printed Notepad. For the envelope, simply fold a sheet of printed paper into thirds. Stick down the two outer edges on the bottom two sections and use the top section to fold over. Then add another sheet inside for your message.

Create this easy DIY Paper Envelope using the kikki.K Printed Notepad

Feeling inspired, discover our Make Your Mark collection here and show us your DIY paper craft ideas by tagging us on Instagram @kikkiK_loves.

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