3 Craft Ideas using our Printed Notepad

There’s something so beautiful about finding wonder and joy in the little things. It can remind us to stay positive and appreciate the great things that are all around us. That’s why we love taking some time out to reconnect with the simple art of paper craft using our favourite Pause Printed Notepad. Whether you use it for little everyday scribbles or to decorate your Planner, wrapped gifts or Vision Board, it’s perfect for adding a little touch of Swedish design to your day.

Be inspired with these 3 simple ideas.

Create a DIY paper envelope and send little notes to your loved ones

DIY Envelope

Why not surprise friends and loved ones by leaving them a little note letting them know how much they mean to you? It’s so simple to create a DIY envelope. Simply cut a sheet of your favourite design into a square, fold in the corners and seal with tape or Adhesive Dots. Cut a square note, add your message and love the jot it brings.

Finish your wrapped gifts with this DIY paper bow idea

DIY Paper Bow

If you have a little gift to wrap, our Printed Notepad can be used as a simple wrapping solution, You can even make a DIY paper bow by cutting a sheet into strips, folding them onto themselves and then sticking together into the shape of a bow. For the full tutorial, see here.

Create an inspiring Vision Board with these simple DIY ideas.

Design your Vision Board

Your Vision Board is the perfect place to add your goals, dreams, visions and inspirations. Simply tear off your favourite design and use it any way you’d like!

We hope these ideas inspire you to reconnect with the tactile joy of paper craft. Discover more DIY tools here.

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