3 Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays… there are so many amazing things in life to celebrate. Embrace the joy of gift giving with these 3 wrapping ideas using our gorgeous double-sided Make Your Mark Wrapping Paper and accessories. We’ve split the ideas into easy, medium and a little more challenging so you can pick the one that suits you.

You’ll need…

Wrapping Paper
B5 Printed Notepad
Gift Tags
Greeting Cards
Cloth Gift Bags

Easy Gift Wrapping Idea using our Make Your Mark Collection


Our pretty screen printed Cloth Gift Bags are designed to help make gift wrapping easy. With cute, hand drawn patters and a pop of neon, they’re perfect for presenting all kinds of gifts, from Notebooks and Journals to our Make Your Mark Mug. Just place your chosen item inside and gift away!

Intermediate Gift Wrapping Idea using our Make Your Mark Collection


It’s so easy to create a beautiful looking gift with our double-sided Wrapping Paper. For an effortless wrapping effect, why not take a strip of the paper and contrast it by laying it over the other colour? Then simply fasten with double-sided tape. Another effect you can try is to cut a strip from our B5 Printed Notepad and do the same. We added Gift Tags to complete the look.

Challenging Gift Wrapping Idea using our Make Your Mark Collection 


If you really want to impress with your gift wrapping skills, this slightly more challenging idea is perfect for you. Wrap your gift as normal, using your chosen side of the Wrapping Paper. Next, cut a strip to wrap around and cut a fringing effect using your Scissors, leaving a 2cm space uncut. Attach to your gift using double-sided tape. Now take another strip from your B5 Printed Notepad and use this to cover the uncut section of your fringe.

Feeling inspired? Discover our Make Your Mark collection here.

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