2020 Pt. 2: Let the Good Times Roll – The Next Chapter: New Ways to Celebrate, Connect & Create!

Even in the most uncertain of times, where our days may be far from the ‘normal’ we once knew, we mustn’t let the good times slip by. Be inspired to let the good times roll by adapting to new ways of celebrating and connecting with loved ones, and let kikki.K help you in this, our next chapter.

This ‘new normal’ that many of us have had to adjust to does provide its challenges, but there’s still so much to celebrate and enjoy.  So many memories waiting to be shared and so much gratitude and joy to be found. In fact, we believe it’s now that these wonderful things should be celebrated more than ever – just in a new and different way. So, let’s turn the page again on this ever-changing 2020 Part Two and Let the Good Times Roll!


Life was made for celebrating and whether you’re able to get out and about or are still restricted in terms of your movements this year (we’re thinking of you all), there’s no reason you can’t continue to revel in the good times. But how? We’re glad you asked!

Birthdays, milestones and anniversaries of loved ones are all important dates in our lives that can be celebrated by the sharing of gifts and beautiful messages of love. Don’t just send a text. Instead, write a heartfelt card or a letter.  And if you can’t be there in person (or even if you can) a meaningful gift is the perfect way to celebrate those you love – whether near or far.

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And don’t forget to celebrate the small wins, the daily wins. Or even just celebrate your loved ones for no other reason than the fact that they’re in your life and you care for them – there truly is always a reason to share your love.


This year has certainly been one of reflection, with lots of time spent remembering the ‘normal’ we once knew. And one thing the team at kikki.K have really enjoyed as part of this refection is going through boxes and hard drives – as well as trawling the depths of our social media pages – to reflect on photos and wonderful memories that made (and still make) us smile. These photos and memories are a celebration of life and what better way to preserve them than by giving them new life in a DIY memory book?

Get creative and capture everything from travel adventures,  family gatherings, parties, silly moments and more. You’ll be creating keepsakes to treasure forever. You can gift them or keep them for yourself. Whatever you decide, enjoy the process of celebrating these gorgeous memories and bringing them to life again.

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Don’t forget, no matter what is happening in your world, to take a moment to celebrate you. Whether you’ve achieved something great recently or your greatest achievement today was that you got out of bed, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re doing the best you can and you’re amazing! Treat yourself, remind yourself how wonderful you are and do it often!

Buy yourself a gift, give yourself a break and look after number one – you’re the only you you’ve got!

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So, whatever it is you’re celebrating, don’t let it pass by. Embrace these moments, celebrate the good and remember to let the good times roll, even if it feels a little different this year.

So, how are you choosing to live your 2020 Pt 2, and beyond? Join the conversation with #kikkik2020Pt2 and #kikkiklove

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