2020 Pt. 2: Follow Your Bliss – The Next Chapter + Free Resources

The challenges this year has delivered so far, leading many of us to spend more time at home, can also be seen as wonderful opportunities to reflect and learn, and focus our energy on the future – and the incredible possibilities it may hold.  It’s a time to consider our purpose, channel and nurture our passions and work on achieving our dreams.

It might be that the downtime you’ve been given, and events surrounding you recently, have inspired you to take a different path, or simply given you the chance to spend time developing your passions – your bliss – and inching you closer to achieving dreams you had already penned down.

So, whether you’re still staying home and adding to that dreams list or you’re able to start venturing out a little more often to start actioning those dreams, we’ve got the perfect tools to guide, inspire and empower you on your ways. In this, our Chapter 2 of 2020 Pt. 2, we encourage you to Follow Your Bliss and we’re here to help.

You may be looking to set some new goals, chase some new (or existing) dreams, reflect on more moments of gratitude and live more mindfully in the moment. Or maybe you’re seeking to invite more happiness and possibility into your days or are looking to thrive more in your everyday. Whatever it is that’s driving you, why not explore some of our much-loved tools to help you follow your bliss in this second part of 2020, and beyond?

Our Inspiration Collection has been designed to help us all live our best lives every day. Explore the inspiring and practical journals, toolkits and supporting products covering everything from Dreams and Goals to Mindfulness, Happiness, Gratitude and more – and let them help you focus on the things that light you up, the things you love!

Our Dream Life Collection is also designed to help you dream big, achieve those dreams and live a life you truly love. At the heart of this collection is, of course, Kristina Karlsson’s incredible Your Dream Life Starts Here book and accompanying Journal, along with our series of five Dream Life Mini Books, our Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share book series, other titles to help you if you Want to Start a Business, Vision Board books to help you visualise and manifest your dreams, and so much more.

If this idea of discovering your passions and purpose, along with dreaming big, is a little new to you (or you need a refresher!) don’t forget, we offer the first chapter of Kristina Karlsson’s Your Dream Life Starts Here book as a FREE downloadable chapter online. It’s the perfect introduction to the world of dreaming and will give you a taste of the powerful ideas and inspiring (and proven) tools that can help you transform your wishes into dreams, and then into an achievable roadmap for creating your dream life – whatever that may be for you.

Download and discover the first chapter of Your Dream Life Starts Here, now>

And if you’re keen to start opening your mind to dreaming and the life-changing concept that ‘anything is possible’, we’ve also got a FREE 101 Dreams Exercise Worksheet you can download and work through, at your own pace, somewhere comfy and inspiring. We think you’ll find the questions and prompts perfect for reflecting on the things you love, the things you want to do more of, and the dreams you have – both big and small!

Download Kristina’s 101 Dreams Exercise Worksheet and start dreaming big now>

And if you’re looking for inspiration and wisdom from others, be sure to listen to our Your Dream Life podcast as well! Each episode, Kristina delves deep into the power of dreaming as she speaks with some of the world’s most inspiring thought-leaders, exploring the incredible impact dreaming has had on their lives. Listen, learn and be empowered to chase your own dreams with real insights and lessons you can use to build a dream life of your own. Listen here>

So, don’t give up on this year that has challenged you. Remember, we still have so much opportunity ahead, and we’re here to help you. How will you choose to live your 2020 Pt 2, and beyond? Join the conversation with #kikkik2020Pt2 and #kikkiklove

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