10 Essential Organisation Tips For Your Next Vacay

Planning your next vacay but not sure how to organise the important details or ensure you’re ticking everything off your to-do, to-see, to-eat list? We’ve put together some of the best ways to avoid common travel mishaps that will make your travels more fun, organised and memorable and have you travelling the globe like a seasoned influencer!

1 | Plan Your Trip
Planning helps create a clear vision of what you want to get out of your trip and ensures you don’t miss out on the things you love the most. You don’t have to plan everything but working to a broad itinerary helps you stress less and enjoy the little things. Mapping out what your dream holiday looks like in a Vision Board Book is a great starting point if you need a little extra inspiration.

2 | Make A List
A fortnight or so before each trip, start to make mental notes of things you need to take that you don’t want to forget– and write them down. For those few weeks before your trip, carry a little notebook and pen with you so that when you think of something – you can write it down.

3 | Talk The Talk
Learn some basic phrases in the language of your destination like ‘Good morning,’ ‘Hello’, ‘Sorry,’ ‘Please’ and ‘Thankyou’. The people you meet will appreciate the effort even if it doesn’t quite make sense!

4 | Label Your Luggage
Save the luggage carousel from becoming a sea of similar suitcases by using a customised luggage tag in your favourite colour.

5 | Keep Hydrated
Whether on a long-haul flight, walking around ruins or lolling on a beach, staying hydrated is essential to get the most from your body and your trip. Pack a reusable, light weight water bottle in a colour you love and you’re more likely to use it.

6 | Pack Toiletries Separately
Avoid the shock of shampoo through your socks by packing cosmetics and toiletries separately in a waterproof pack.  Consider a travel case with clear panels to let you see everything and find things easily.

7 | Keep Electronics Together
Having a dedicated storage place for things like phone chargers, iPad, kindles, phone batteries, ear plugs, and headphones ensure you can easily access things when needed and don’t leave anything behind in random rooms.

8 | Put Pen To Paper
Commit to writing in a travel journal it each day. Even if it’s simply a record of what you did, ate and saw, you’ll love looking back through your travels and revisiting your unique experiences.

9 | Power Up On Podcasts
A long-haul flight, train or bus trip is a great time to fuel up on inspiring, educating or entertaining podcasts. Better than a book, faster than a movie, lighter than a kindle. For inspiring stories from around the world we recommend kikki.K founder, Kristina Karlsson’s podcast series, Your Dream Life.

10 | Less Is More
Spend time really getting to know the places you visit rather than ticking off a capital city a day and moving on to the next one. Learn about the people, culture and history and discover the details that give a place its character.
Less is more when packing too. Carefully choose clothes and accessories that work together, so you can take less and wear them more.

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